Rural and City Broadband



Plan Speed Monthly MB Monthly Fee
Plan80 Full Speed downstream 80000(80GB) $80.00
Plan120 Full Speed downstream 200000(200GB) $120.00
Plan200 Full Speed downstream 400000(400GB) $200.00



Plans updated and effective from the 18 June 2021.


We provide the maximum connection speed available at your location. This can be different depending on a number of things like RF noise and your location in relation to our repeaters so are unable to give an exact speed.

Excess Download Charges:

Here at WirelessWeb we like to keep things simple.
If you use more than your data plan, you will be invoiced at $1.00 per G.

No Contract:

At WirelessWeb we do not require you to sign up to a contract. We also provide a 30-day money back Guarantee for new customers.

Set-up fees / installation:

For above plans vary from $395.00 - $495.00 depending on distance and what antenna is required.

All prices include GST

Please contact us for customized plans, setup and installation pricing.

Toll-free: 0800 GET WEB (0800 438-932)