Rural and City Broadband

Farm Networks

Cow Shed Point to Point data link

Today we are installing a 2.4GHz WiFi Point-to-Point Data Link between a cow shed and the farm house.

WiFi networks are commonly used to remote access computer systems. The farm manager is now able to remote access the computer from anywhere on the farm, as long as they are connected to the farm WiFi network.

Future Farming

Farming WiFi Network.
This enables all computers and devices on the farm to be linked and share a common connection. With the advent of fiber and farming technology like Protrack and MINDA, WiFi systems are becoming more common place on farms.

WirelessWeb design and deploy large wireless networks with control of wireless users and data usage.

Matt Wilson, Director of WirelessWeb, see's future blending of Farming/Internet and WiFi together. Building a strong WiFi Farm Network from the ground up is critical for technology to be used to it maximum in the next 5-10 years.
WirelessWeb build wireless network like a road. Once the WiFi Network/Road is running, you can put any traffic you like over it in the future.

Today it is a little remote access to a computer in the cow shed, a little WiFi around the house. Tomorrow, farmers will demand wide spread coverage over their farms. This will give them access to Internet, cows shed computers, video security cameras, switching pumps on/off to monitoring system status of the irrigation system or water pump. We do not know what technology will be developed next month or in the future, we do know it will use TCP/IP Internet technology to communicate to it. Do not hesitate to contact WirelessWeb for any solution big or small on your farm today.